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Forms of Activism: Sahar Khalifeh's Palestine (exhibition): Home

This guide aims to share some of the content of a library exhibition of the same title, which was on display at the MSU Libraries in Spring 2018. The exhibit aims to draw awareness to the work and life of Palestinian novelist Sahar Khalifeh.

[Woman Walking Alone and In Despair]

George Amer (b. 1943 Jerusalem)
color photocopy

"Sunday in Bayt Sahur"

George Barami Azar, Palestine: A Photographic Journey, UC Press: 1991.

Kifah Hanna book cover

Kifah Hannah, Feminism and Avant-Garde Aesthetics in the Levantine Novel. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

Wild Thorns/As-Sabar

Women's Intifada ن ف ض

"Come, let me show you how to get there."


Exhibit graphic designer: Theresa Moore
Exhibit photographs credit: Löwe Denken Wir
Special thanks to: Dr. Camelia Suleiman, Dr. Johanna Sellman, Dr. Marlis Saleh, Jill Manske, George and Dr. Rhonda Amer, Qais Assali
Sole responsibility for content: Deborah J. Margolis, Middle East Studies Librarian.