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A guide to research for Tuba and Euphonium

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Browse these call numbers:
M95-M99 Tuba unaccompanied
M110 .E8 Euphonium unaccompanied
M264-M265 Solo tuba with piano
M271 Solo euphonium with piano
M288-M289 Duets: two wind instruments
M290-M291 Duets: wind and string
M296-M297 Duets: wind and plucked
M315-M319 Trios: winds and piano
M320-M324 Trios: wind and piano and string
M335-M339 Trios: wind and piano and plucked
M355-M359 Trios: all winds
M357.4 Trios: all brass
M360-M364 Trios: wind and string
M375-M379 Trios: wind and plucked
M380-M384 Trios: wind and string and plucked
M557-M559 Brass quintets
M1034 .T8 Concertos with orchestra
M1035 .T8 Concertos with orchestra (piano reduction)
M1134 .T8 Concertos with string orchestra
M1135 .T8 Concertos with string orchestra (piano reduction)


Other chamber music call numbers follow the pattern similar to trios. For example wind quartets are M455-459, wind quintets are M555-M559, etc., up through nonets (M900s).


You can also browse the catalog using subjects. If you find a work that you are interested in and want to find similar works, examine the subject listed for that work in the catalog record. These are hyperlinked to searches for other items that include that same subject. For example:

If you can't find it at MSU, try:

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