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UGS 201 - Harvey: Welcome

Welcome to the MSU Libraries!

We're happy that you're here! The purpose of the library is to help you be successful during your time at MSU and beyond.

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Library Workshop Materials

Scholarly Publication & Dissemination

The following is a very basic diagram of a common way in which scholarly publication and dissemination can take place. There are other potential factors, processes, and channels, but this representation is meant to serve as a broad overview of the general process.

Flowchart indicating how reserach is written up by the research team, sent to a journal editor and peer reviewed, published ina scholarly journal, disseminated through a database, read by other researchers, and often by reporters who write a news or popular article about the research which is read by the general public.

Teaching & Learning Librarian

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Sara Miller
Librarian for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Initiatives
Liaison to Integrative Studies

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