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Electronic Veterinary Medicine Books

A select list of veterinary medicine ebooks arranged alphabetically by subject. Last updated: 2/7/24.

Troubleshooting Tips

Error Messages Encountered When Accessing Ebooks

Errors loading content in ebooks is not uncommon and can occur in any browser, although Chrome appears to be the most buggy. Examples of common errors:

  • "Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit"
  • "There was an error loading this content. Please refresh the page to try again, or contact us if you continue to experience problems."

If you get an error message, first clear your cache and cookies (usually found in the browser security or privacy settings) and restart the browser and/or try the link in a different browser. This will solve most errors. If you continue to experience errors please contact Reference and Discovery Services via email form or by phone at (517) 353-8700.

Ebooks with Limited Users

Some ebooks only allow one or three users to access the title at the same time, and this is indicated below the link to the ebook. You may receive a message that the maximum number of users has been reached - it is best to wait and try to access the book again later. If you are using an ebook with a limited number of users, please remember to exit out when you are done so that it frees the ebook up for the next user.

Saving and Printing

It is better to save individual chapters of an ebook, rather than download the entire book. If you download the entire book it will be ‘checked out’ to you and remove a copy available to other users. The download is also temporary and will disappear after 21 days. The PDFs generated by downloading individual chapters are permanent and do not count against the user limit.