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Michigan State University

QGIS Training: Adding Points w/.CSV

This guide supports QGIS learners at Michigan State University

Mapping coordinate data from CSV files

  • Click the Add Delimited Text Layer button

  • Browse to your tabular file and add it
  • Make sure:
    • CSV is the file format
    • Point Coordinates are selected
    • Your X field = Longitude and Y Field = Latitude
    • Click OK

  • Select your Coordinate Reference System (most commonly NAD83 or WGS84)
  • To save as a new layer, right-click the table you added in the layer menu and select Save As...


  • Click Browse to save the new shapefile to your chosen folder and be sure 'Project CRS' is selected.  Click OK


  • You have now visualized your data for further investigation!
Michigan State University