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Michigan State University

QGIS Training: Workshop: Buffers & Clips

This guide supports QGIS learners at Michigan State University

Exercise 1

Exercise 1 Steps:

  • Open shapefiles
  • Zoom
  • Arrange in order
  • Change the colors including no fill
  • Identify
  • Save project

Exercise 2: Using Layer Attributes

  1. What is a shapefile?
  2. Attribute Table
  3. Labeling
  4. Select from table
  5. Select from map

Part 3: Changing layers

  1. Select by intersection-save as new layer
  2. Select by query-save as new layer

Exercise 4: Drawing buffers

  1. Draw 10-mile buffers around each cell phone tower.

Exercise 5: Creating a layout for print or export

  1. Add the map
  2. Adjust the zoom
  3. Add title
  4. Add legend
  5. Add north arrow
  6. Add scale bar
  7. Print
  8. Export

GIS Team

Michigan State University