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Biofuels and Bioenergy Resources

A guide to information resources for biofuels and bioenergy


MSU's online catalog  can be used to locate materials on biofuels and bioenergy. Most books about biofuels, bioenergy, renewable energy, and biomass for the production of energy are located in the Main Library. . Print books and other online resources can be located by using the MSU Libraries' online catalog. The online catalog may be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword. Use the author or title search to locate a particular item. Use the keyword or subject search to locate items about a topic. A subject search can give you the most precise results, but if you are not familiar with the subject area, you may not know what subject headings will give you the best results. One strategy is to do a keyword search using the words you are familiar with and then note the subject heading(s) used for the items that seem to be the most useful and then do a subject search using those subject headings.  Some useful subject headings for information about biofuels and bioenergy are Agriculture and energy,  Biomass energy, Biomass energy industries, Biomass chemicals,  Biomass conversion, Energy cropsEnergy crops industry, Energy Harvesting, Renewable energy sources, Renewable and Green Energy, Biodiesel fuels, Alcohol as fuel, Waste products as fuel, and Refuse as fuel.

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