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Finding British Parliamentary Papers in the M.S.U. Libraries, Collections Guide No. 6 (Advanced): Computerized Indexing and Full-Text Information

This is a guide to doing research with British government documents, particularly Parliamentary documents, emphasizing use of microform and paper materials, those in existence prior to the electronic era.

Computerized Indexing and Full-Text Information

Index to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1901-1996 J 301 .K25 1996 CD-ROM in DMC Digital and Multimedia Center 4th floor West

This CD ROM index covers House of Commons Papers, Command Papers, bills, accounts, acts, and returns, all of which are included in the microprint set of the Libraries' set of Sessional Papers from 1731-1978/1979 (microprint #10, Hollander MakeCentral 2 west). From 1978/1979 to 1992 the Sessional Papers are on microfiche at J 301 .K5 (bills), J 301 .K6 (House papers), and J 310 .K6 (Command Papers) all in Hollander MakeCentral 2 west.

Search by keyword, title of the document sought, subject category, subject, subject keyword, committee chairperson or other author, session, paper type, or paper number. There are browse indexes for each of these types of searches, allowing the user to "cut and paste" keywords, topics, etc. into a search work screen. There are also online help screens available. Examples of subject categories are foreign affairs and diplomacy, education, Empire and Commonwealth, and environment. Subjects are more specialized words and phrases, names of documents, or names of places. Subject keywords are one word entries. Searches may be confined to from a certain date, up to a certain date or between particular dates (years). After inputting the search, brief citations are displayed, which include only date and title of document. Full display provides the information needed to locate the document in the microprint or microcard sets: session year, paper number, volume number, and page number.

BOPCAS, British Official Publications Current Awareness Service.

The most current six months worth of documents may be searched for free.

UK Official Documents

This is a new service being developed by The Stationery Office Ltd. to assist Internet users in locating official documents. This site provides access to the Stationery Office's own full-text materials available online, as well as links to the UK Parliament web site's documents (described below) and to some departmental online publications. SELECTIVE COVERAGE; NOT COMPLETE. Includes only items published since the mid-1990s. Links are offered to acts, bills (public bills before Parliament), budget information, command papers, consultative documents, green papers, House of Commons' and House of Lords' debates, House of Commons papers, House of Lords' minutes, select committee reports of both Houses, the Sessional Information Digest, the Weekly Information Bulletin, white papers, and more.

United Kingdom Parliament World Wide Web Service

A database of Parliamentary full-text material, searchable in its entirety or by type of publication. Has separate pages for House of Commons and House of Lords. In the Commons pages researchers find debates from Nov., 1988 on, a number of public bills before Parliament and a complete list of all the public bills introduced in the current session, select committee reports, the Weekly Information Bulletin from 1996/97, and the Sessional Digest from 1995/96. The House of Lords' page leads to their debates from July, 1996, some select committee reports, and House of Lords' judgments since Nov., 1996.

HMSO (Her Majesty's Stationery Office)

Following the privatization of the Stationery Office in 1996, HMSO kept responsibility for the publication of certain statutory material in full-text form, including the texts of all new Public General Acts from 1996 on, Statutory instruments from 1997 on, and measures of the General Synod of the Church of England. The statutes related to the U..K., Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales may be searched. There are links on this site to the new Scottish Parliament, the new National Assembly of Wales, and the new Northern Ireland Assembly. There are also links to the Cabinet Office's materials and to the London Gazette, the oldest, continuously published newspaper in the U.K. (since 1665). Its two most recent issues may be searched for free.

BAILII, The British and Irish Legal Information Institute

The British and Irish Legal Information Institute web site is the first site to provide free access to British case law and legislation from numerous British and Irish courts and legislatures with a single search engine and uniform data formats. Law and legislation from these courts and jurisdictions are presently included: United Kingdom House of Lords Decisions, Employment Appeal Tribunal Decisions, and Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions; Court of Appeal and High Court of Appeal of England and Wales Decisions; Scottish Court of Sessions Decisions, High Court Decisions, and Sheriff Court Decisions; Northern Ireland Court of Appeal Decisions, High Court Decisions, and Legislation; and Supreme Court Decisions, High Court Decisions, and Legislation of Ireland (Eire). Some 75,000 searchable documents.

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