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Finding British Parliamentary Papers in the M.S.U. Libraries, Collections Guide No. 6 (Advanced): Conclusion

This is a guide to doing research with British government documents, particularly Parliamentary documents, emphasizing use of microform and paper materials, those in existence prior to the electronic era.


Sessional Papers (contain House of Commons papers, reports, command papers, bills, accounts, acts, returns):
1066-1803 J 301.H22 Special Collections
1701-1800 J 301f.K6 1975 Main Oversize
1731-1978/79 microprint #10 Hollander MakeCentral 2 west
1688-21st. c. U.K. Parliamentary Papers Internet
1956/57-1985 J 301 .H5 Main (command papers only)
1978/79-1984/85 microfiche J 301 Hollander MakeCentral 2 west
(bills, House papers, command papers)
1984/85-1992 microfiche J 301 .K5 (bills) Hollander MakeCentral 2 west
microfiche J 301 .K6 (House papers)
microfiche J 301 .K6 (command papers)
current United Kingdom Parliament Internet
Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) (spoken record of the Commons and Lords):
1660-1742/43 J 301 .R12 Special Collections (Commons)
1160-1741/42 J 301 .R13 Special Collections (Lords)
1668-1742 J 301 .H8 Special Collections (Both Houses)
1774-1805 U.K. Parliamentary Papers Internet
1774-1801 J 301 .H2212 Main (Both Houses)
1801-1802/03 J 301 .H2214 Main (both Houses)
1803-2005 U.K. Parliamentary Papers Internet
1803-2005 U.K. Parliamentary Papers Internet
1803-1809 J 301 .H2215 Main (both Houses)
1806-1820 J 301 .H22 Main (both Houses)
1803-1908 J 301 .H222 Main (both Houses)
1909-1984/85 J 301 .H223 Main (Lords)
1909-1984/85 J 301 .H224 Main (Commons)
1995- United Kingdom Parliament Internet (Lords)
1988- United Kingdom Parliament Internet (Commons)
Journals (written record of the Houses)
1547-1900 microprint #9 Hollander MakeCentral 2 west (Commons)
1624-1874 JN 623 1875 .A5 Main (Lords Protests)
1660-1808 DA 25 .C1 1810 Special Collections (Calendar of Lords' Journals)
1685-1834 U.K. Parliamentary Papers Internet
1688-1834 U.K. Parliamentary Papers Internet
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