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Researching the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era in the M.S.U. Libraries: Online Catalog

Last updated: 05-21-2009

Online Catalog

The online catalog may be searched by author's name (last name first), book title, keywords in book title, Library of Congress subject heading, or call number. Searches may be limited by date of publication, words in the title, library location (Special Collections, Reference, Main, etc.), material type (periodical, electronic resource, etc., or language.

The best quality subject retrieval may be obtained by keyword, if there are no really good subject headings. However, because trained catalogers assign L.C. subject headings to library materials based on examination of the items, L.C. subject headings most often result in high quality retrieval. A set of fat red books in Reference called the Library of Congress List of Subject Headings (Z 696...) should be used to find the best subject headings for your topic. Or, identify a good book through a keyword search and click on the subject headings in the catalog record to be taken to other books with the same heading, expanding your bibliography. Here is a list of potentially useful L.C. subject headings:

feminism--France--history--19th century
France -- Foreign relations -- 19th century
France -- Foreign relations -- 1715-1793
France -- Foreign relations -- 1774-1793
France -- Foreign relations -- 1789-1815
France -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain, [Prussia etc.]
France -- History -- 1789-
France -- History -- 1789-1793
France -- History -- Revolution, 1789-1799
France -- History -- 1789-1815
France -- History -- Insurrection, 1792
France -- History -- First Republic, 1792-1804
France -- History -- Reign of Terror, 1793-1794
France -- History -- Directory, 1795-1799
France -- History -- Coup d'état, 1799
France -- History -- Consulate and First Empire, 1799-1815
France -- History -- Invasion of 1814
France. Armée = French army
France. Marine = French navy
Gouges, Olympe de, 1748?-1793
Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- 19th century
Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- France, [Prussia, etc.]
Great Britain. Army
Great Britain. Royal Marines
Great Britan. Royal Navy
Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821
Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815
Prussia (Kingdom). Armee = Prussian army
Russia -- Foreign relations -- 19th century
Russia -- Foreign relations -- 1801-1917
Russia -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain, [France, etc.]
Russia Armia = Russian army
women's rights--France

There are standard sub and sub-sub-headings for certain kinds of library materials: encyclopedias and dictionaries; bibliographies; and biographies. For example Napoleon Emperor of the French 1769-1821--biography or France--history--18th c.--bibliography.

There are also standard sub and sub-sub-headings for chronological periods, as seen just above, and also for certain forms of materials: congresses; correspondence; diaries; exhibitions; manuscripts; periodicals; personal narratives; pictorial works; and sources. For example France--history--revolution--1789-1799--sources. Watch for the headings suggesting primary sources, if that is the kind of material you seek. Sources, diaries, correspondence, manuscripts, and personal narratives are all primary sources.

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