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Researching the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era in the M.S.U. Libraries: Book Length Guides and Bibliographies

This is a guide to researching the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era.

Book Length Guides and Bibliographies

The American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature Main and Reference D 20 .A55 1995 v. 1
See pp. 815-870, which covers the history of France from 1450-

History Highway: a 21st Century Guide to Internet Resources Reference and DMC 4 West (CD) D 16.117 .H55 2006

An annotated bibliography of web sites.

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Military History.  See link at the bottom of this page.

France, a Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present  Main DC 35 .R64 2004
A combination of basic history of France, chronologically, and subject dictionary of short entries. Maps. Selected bibliography at the back.

Bibliographie de la Revolution Francaise, 1940-1988 Main DC 141 .B48 1989 v. 1-2
in French, and emphasizing French language sources. Covers archives and their contents, politics, institutions, economics and society, religion, cultural life, local history, biography and correspondence, the Counter-Revolution, the Revolution as seen by outsiders, and the War in various locations.

The French Revolution, a Bibliography of Works in English Main Z 2178 .D69 1988
Unannotated, not very long, and not comprehensive. Covers secondary work done through 1987, on the 1789-99 period, about France itself. Includes translations of some significant French language work. Arrangement alphabetical by author.

The Era of the French Revolution, a Bibliography of the History of Western Civilization, 1789-1799  Main DC 148 f.C34 1985 v. 1-2
Volume l: General history of the Revolutionary era. The French Revolution, 1789-1799. Background. Political history. Clubs. The Colonies. Constitutions. Counter-Revolution. Culture. Economics. French foreign policy. Law and administration. Religion. Volume 2: Local history of the French Revolution. National history of Europe at this time. National history of the Americas at this time, including Central America. Unannotated entries in a variety of languages.

Era of Napoleon, a Bibliography of the History of Western Civilization, 1799-1815  Main DC 226.2 .C35 1991 v. 1-2

Research and Reference Guide to French Studies  Main Z 2175 .A2 O8 1981
6,000 bibliographic citations with subject index. Covers research in literature of all periods, language, and philology. This could be useful for someone studying the impacts the Revolution made on French literature and language.

Napoleon Bonaparte a Reference Guide to His Life and Works  Main DC 226.3 .M44 2020

Tells Napoleon's story "in what is effectively a deconstructed biography." Contains chronology of important events in his life, with "a sprinkling of contextualizing events."  Main part of the work is a dictionary of major events, places, and people in his life.  No one entry for the man himself.  Appendices: his marshals and their titles, key battles, selected treaties, conventions, and decrees of the Napoleonic era, and Napoleon's immediate family.  15 page bibliography.  Author is an American  professor and Napoleon specialist.

Impact of Napoleon, 1800-1815, an Annotated Bibliography  Main DC 203.9 .W43 1997

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte  Main DC 203 .S63
See bibliography in vol 4, p. 251-261.

Women in the French Revolution (1789): Bibliography  Government Documents, International Documents, 3rd floor, west wing, HQ1101 .W7542 no. 33

Napoleonic Military History : A Bibliography Main DC 151 .H6 1986

Pamphlets, Periodicals, and Songs of the French Revolutionary Era in the Princeton University Library : A Descriptive Catalogue Together with Indexes  Main DC 148 .P76 1989

Bibliography of the Frank E. Melvin Collection of Pamphlets of the French Revolution in the University of Kansas Libraries  Microform Guides Z2179 .S3
This can be used as a guide to the Microform set French Revolutionary Pamphlets which is Microfiche DC141 .F7.

Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Manuscripts, Autographs, Books Portraits and Other Interesting Material Mainly Relating to Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Revolution Main Z 999 .A6

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