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Bible Resources: Research Guides

The purpose of this guide is to point the way to information sources about the Bible.

Research Guides

Research guides are works that recommend other sources to read in a particular field.

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Biblical Studies

Digital collection of bibliographies on topics in the humanities and social sciences meant to be a guide to core literature. Entries include an introduction to the topic (much like a short encyclopedic entry), and citations to general overviews and other types of material related to the topic, such Handbooks & Guides, Reference Works, Textbooks, Image Collections, or Journals. Citations are annotated and may be linked to full text available to the library user.  Once in this resource, you will see an alphabetical list of titles of broad topics of interest to Bible scholars and titles of books of the Bible which may be clicked on to search within.  Choose.  Then you must click again on the entry for that Bible book or topic in our online catalog to get to the OBO info.  Then you are in!  

It is also possible to enter the OBO resource overall, here, click on advanced search top right, enter your search terms as full text,  in combination with each other, and choose Biblical Studies as the subject category at the bottom of the page.

Guide to Reference Main Z 1035 .G8 ed. 11

In the table of contents choose the Humanities section and then the religion chapter, and within it Sacred Books, the Bible. Here you will find things to read about the Bible, versions, concordances, bibliographies, etc.  Beware, this work was published in 1996, so best used for finding the oldies but goodies.

Judaism and Christianity: a Guide to the Reference Literature Main BM 45 .S75 1991

See Part II The Reference Literature on the Bibles of Judaism and Christianity, pp. 161-end.

Biblical Studies on the Internet, Second Edition Main BS 600.3 .W67 2008

Contains websites that contain English language Bible translations, downloadable Bibles, audio bibles and hymns.  Also websites pointing to non-English language Bible translations, downloadable Bibles, and information about non-English language Bible reference works.  Then websites for Greek, Hebrew, and other ancient language resources.  Websites for Bible study aids including commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, etc.  Websites about Bible doctrine and interpretation and sites about Bible study materials outside of, beyond, the scriptures, such as archaeological materials, church related writers, ancient gentile writings, and pseudo-authoritative writings. 

Commentary & Reference Survey : a Comprehensive Guide to Biblical and Theological Resources Main BS 511.3 .G59 2007

Old Testament Commentary Survey Main BS 1151.52 .L64 2003

New Testament Commentary Survey Main BS 2341.2 .C33 2001

These two books describe and recommend commentary series on the Bible, in one or multi-volumes.  They also recommend specific commentaries on specific books of the Bible.

ARBA In-Depth Philosophy and Religion Main BL 48 .A73 2004

For Bible studies see pp. 93-132.  Items included are chosen from the annual ARBA, American Reference Books Annual, volumes.  Re the Bible this covers atlases, bibliography, biography, dictionaries and encyclopedias, handbooks and yearbooks, indexes, and quotation books.

Recent Reference Books in Religion Main BL 48 .J654 1998

For Biblical studies see pp. 89-111.  Covers Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and handbooks of interpretation.

Religion and Theology: a Guide to Current Reference Sources Main BL 48 .M35 1997

See chapter 6, pp. 117-156, the Bible and Related Literature.  Info on versions of the Bible, Biblical criticism and interpretation, commentaries, a little on archaeology of the Holy Land, Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament, bibliographies, indexes, texts and textual criticism, Hebrew, Aramaic, concordances, commentaries, theology, dictionaries, etc.), the Intertestamental period (Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Dead Sea Scrolls), the New Testament (textual studies, bibliographies, commentaries, literary forms, Gospels, Pauline material), and New Testament Apocryphal literature and Gnostic writings.

Bible in Western Culture, the Student’s Guide Main BS 475.5 .D93 2005 

Bible Translations and How to Choose Between Them Main BS 455 .D87 1985

To Each its Own Meaning: an Introduction to Biblical Criticisms and Their Application

Presents principal methods of critical Biblical study and shows how to implement them on specific Biblical passages.

Biblical Exegesis: a Beginner's Handbook  Main BS 476 .H35 1982

Introduces different types of historial-critical methods used in the study of the Bible.

Reading the Old Testament: Method in Biblical Study Main BS 1171.2 .B33 1984

Introductory book describing and analyzing the critical methods used to study the Old Testament and discusses these methods in relation to secular literary criticism.

Catalogue of English Bible Translations : a Classified Bibliography of Versions and Editions including Books, Parts, and Old and New Testament Apocrypha and Apocryphal Books   Main BS 455 .C47 1991

By William Chamberlin.  Incomplete list of Bibles, Testaments, portions, single books, single chapters, commentaries with their own translations, theology books, children’s Bibles, etc. Chronological approach within these sections.

Historical Catalogue of Printed Editions of the English Bible: 1525-1961  Main BS 445 .A1 B7295 1968

Historical Catalogue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society  Main BS 445 .A1 B73 2001 v. 2 pts. 1-3

Polyglot and non-English language Bibles are in v. 2.  Use the title above for English language Bibles.  The 1903-1911 edition is available online, here

If works recommended in these books are not sufficient, look at some of the research guides on the Bible from other university and college libraries in the Internet Sites section of this guide.

Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts  Main BS 1939 .E43 2015

Comprehensive listing of books, facsimiles, collations and articles relating to some 3,500 Greek New Testament manuscripts, including references to photographic plates and albums. These are divided into the conventional categories of papyri, majuscules, minuscules and lectionaries, as classified in the current Gregory-Aland register. This third revised edition supersedes the two previous editions. Entries from those earlier editions and from three supplements, published as articles in Novum Testamentum, as well as newly published material, are to be found here.

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