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Forestry Research Guide: Article Research

This is a guide to resources in the study of Forestry.

Dendrology: the scientific study of trees

Silviculture: the growing and cultivation of trees. from The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd. Erin McKean. Oxford University Press, 2005

Articles - the basics

Articles contain the most current information published in a field of study.

Most professors and researchers prefer articles that are "scholarly" in nature.  Characteristics of scholarly journals are that they have the following qualities:

The articles contain original research (such as scientific experiments, surveys and research studies)
A list of references or sources is provided at the end of each article
An editorial board, composed of experts in the field, reviews articles to decide whether they should be accepted; this is also known as "refereed," "peer-reviewed," "professional," or "academic".
Uses a specialized vocabulary for that field.
Contain few if any advertisements. If included, they are highly specialized and specific to scholarly discipline (i.e. specific laboratory equipment, medical tools and drugs).

The Library Catalog contains the titles to all of the print and electronic format journals that we subscribe to.  The Catalog does not list the articles within the journals.  The specific articles can be found in article databases.

If you have a citation to an article, the easiest way to locate the article is to look up the title of the journal in the catalog.  Identify whether we own the journal and the format, print or electronic.  If in electronic format, do we have that year/volume? If yes, you can click on the link provided to go directly to the online articles and find the one you need. 
If it is not online, do we have it in print?  If so, identify the call number and go to the stacks to find the proper volume and issue. 
If we do not own the journal or issue, you can request the article through Interlibrary Services.

Article Databases - 1st Choices

CAB Abstracts
CAB covers the subject of agriculture in the broadest sense. It includes: agronomy, biotechnology, crop protection, dairy science, economics, environmental degradation and remediation, forestry, genetics, herbicides, irrigation, leisure, recreation and tourism, microbiology, nutrition, parasitology, rural development, veterinary medicine and much more. Journals, monographs, conferences, books, annual reports and other sources from more than one country are scanned regularly for inclusion in the database.

FS Info
The National Forest Service Library catalog (FS INFO) is an online index of natural resources publications, including Forest Service literature. FS INFO provides citations to forestry and forestry-related natural resource literature, links to full text (pdf) are provided when available.

Social Sciences in Forestry
This database indexes publications in 41 subject areas relating the social sciences to forestry. Among them are: legislation, policy and planning, management, economic development, investment and finance.
Covers journal articles, books, conference proceedings, and government documents. Database produced by the U of Minn Forestry Library.
Coverage: 1985 - present, updated weekly.

Trail Planning, Construction, and Maintenance Database
Indexes publications relating to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of all types of trails. Includes trail use studies.
Covers journal articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents. Database produced by the U of Minn Forestry Library.
Coverage: 1984 - present, updated weekly

Tropical Forest Conservation and Development
Subjects indexed include: Tropical forest resources; deforestation; conservation; indigenous peoples; management; policy; trade and industrial development; nontimber forest products; research, education, and training; and history.
Covers journal articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents. Database produced by the U of Minn Forestry Library.
Coverage: 1992 - present, updated weekly.

Urban Forestry Database
Indexes publications relating to the history of urban forestry; urban forest legislation; the benefits of urban forests; selection and planting of trees; maintenance of the urban forest; planning and management; and urban forestry programs.
Covers journal articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents. Database produced by the U of Minn Forestry Library.
Coverage: 1980 - present, updated weekly.

UFind - the Urban Forestry Index
UFind is a joint effort of the US Forest Service, Treelink, and the University of Minnesota (UM). UFind indexes some journals and magazines and many government and extension/ experiment station publications, but the great value is in the indexing of other media types including CDs, DVDs, videos, posters, public service announcements, toolkits, PowerPoint presentations, manuals, 3-ring binders, factsheets, booklets and others. coverage begins approximately in the 1990s.

Provides access to full text of over 600 journals to which MSU Libraries have subscriptions, from 1995 to present. Also includes access to abstracts of articles in non-subscribed journals and pre-1995 issues.

Web of Science
Includes the Institute for Scientific Information Citation Indexes - Arts and Humanities, Social Science, and Science. It indexes science, social sciences, and arts and humanities information from nearly 9,300 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)
International Bibliography of Social Sciences, from the British Library of Political and Economic Science of the London School of Economics and Political Science, indexes the information contained in over 2,600 social sciences journals and 6,000 books each year. Coverage includes both core and specialized material from over 100 countries in more than 90 languages. Approximately 70% of the records are in English, and articles in other languages are displayed with both the original language title as well as with an English translation. The comprehensive coverage provided in the database, while based on the core disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science and sociology, also reflects the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the social sciences.

Article Databses - 2nd Choices

Covers every major agricultural subject, including agricultural engineering and marketing, animal breeding, entomology, environmental pollution, farm management, foods and feeds, pesticides, rural sociology, veterinary medicine, and water resources. Citations consist of journal articles, book chapters, monographs, conference proceedings, serials, technical reports, and other materials on a range of agricultural topics.

Public access link to NAL's catalog, Agricola
If you don't want to search Agricola using the EBSCOhost interface, this link is to the publicly-accessible Agricola search.

Covers all aspects of agriculture, including forestry, animal husbandry, the aquatic sciences and fisheries, and human nutrition. The database is produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) in cooperation with participating countries and international organizations.

American Periodical Series (APS) Full-Text
Full-text database of American periodicals published between the 1700's and 1899.

A list and description of the Agriculture titles in this database.
A list and description of the Horticulture titles in this database.

Biological Abstracts
Indexes the biological and medical peer-reviewed journal literature.

An aggregation of high-impact bioscience research journals.

Biological & Agricultural Index Plus  (on EBSCOhost)
Coverage dates: Indexing 1983+, Abstracting 1994+, “select” Full Text 1994+. Biological & Agricultural Index Plus offers researchers convenient online access to the core literature of biology and agriculture—much of it from peer-reviewed journals—plus full text. Full text citations also link to PDF page images, featuring graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations indispensable to science research. Subjects Covered Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture and Agricultural Research, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Cytology, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental Science, Fishery Sciences, Food Science, Forestry, Genetics, Horticulture, Immunology, Limnology, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Paleontology, Physiology, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Veterinary Medicine, Weed Sciences, Wildlife Management, Zoology.

Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index
The Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index is a popular and scholarly index to over 300 journals on gardening, horticulture, landscape design, botany, ecology, plant conservation, garden management, and horticultural therapy.

JSTOR Global Plants
The world’s largest database of plant type specimens representing the botanical diversity of the planet; more than 600,000 specimens are available today. When complete, there will be an estimated 2.2 million. More than 20,000 paintings, photographs, drawings, and other images. Over 175,000 scientific research articles and other content dating back hundreds of years from leading academic journals including Kew Bulletin, Mycologia, International Journal of Plant Sciences, Science, PNAS, and others. More than 20,000 paintings, photographs, drawings, and other images. Foundational reference works and books such as The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa, Flowering Plants of South Africa, and illustrations from Curtis's Botanical Magazine.

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