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Michigan State University

BHEARD Research Guide

Guide to information resources for participants in the BHEARD program. Last updated: 8/18/23.

Post-Program Research

Unfortunately, the MSU Libraries' licensing agreements restrict access to faculty/staff and currently enrolled students, so alumni cannot access any licensed content (which includes online databases, electronic journals, newspapers, and e-books). You will need to utilize your home institution's library and/or rely on free resources such as those listed below.

Freely Accessible Resources

Publicly funded non-profit institutions in most low and middle income countries are eligible for free or low-cost access to peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books, and databases through a variety of programs (registration required).

Government Information and Statistical Sources

Full Text Article Resources

There are an increasing number of open-access journals these days, as well as individual articles that are publicly available due to government funding mandates.

Article Databases

Free resources for identifying citations to articles (does not include the full text). Request full text of articles through your corporate or local public library (a nominal fee may be required).