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Michigan State University

360 Content at the Digital Scholarship Lab: Getting Started

This guide will go over the basics of creating video and photography for the 360 in the Digital Scholarship Lab. It will touch on shooting video, editing, and screening content in the 360.

Getting Started

This guide has been designed to introduce you to the technology of the immersive visualization space at the Digital Scholarship Lab, which we call 'The 360'. It covers the different types of content that can be presented in the 360, including the basics of 360 photography, 360 video, and 360 cameras. Other types of content for the 360 include immersive display of Google Streetview, general web content, and display of specific software.


The 360 was developed and installed by the company Igloo Vision. Igloo Vision has developed distinct pieces of software that handle specific content types. The 360 is not an extended desktop environment, so it needs to work with these pieces of software and content types to present content.

For a look at the range of applications developed for the 360 at MSU, check out Igloo Vision's Case Study on this installation.


Photos of 360

View of the 360 from the outside

View of Projectors from the inside of the 360