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A Field Guide to Field Guides: Home

Explore the wide range of field guides! Looking a guide to birds, insects, or tracks? We've got 'em as both ebooks and physical books. Check one out and take it with you on your next adventure!

Looking for a guide on your next adventure? Can't figure out what insect it was you saw down by the Red Cedar River? Look no further - we have the field guides for you! Whether you are looking for the perfect pocket book, a comprehensive key, or an app to carry with you no matter where your adventure takes you, we have your ID solution here.

Use the tabs at the top of this page to explore different guides based on your needs!

  • Which Guide?: An intro to field guides that will help you choose the right guide for you!
  • Physical Guides: Hard copies of guides that you can check out from the Main Library and take with you into the field
  • e-Guides: Electronic books that can be checked out or downloaded. Many/most/all of these require you to login with MSU credentials. Unavailable to community borrowers
  • ID Apps: Often free, user friendly apps that you can download to your phone and take with you. They are often apps that I trust and use every day!

A stack of three field guides exploring the birds of the Indian subcontinent with a pair of binoculars ontop

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