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MSU Campus Plants Research Guide: History

A guide to the literature and web sites about the MAC/MSU campus plants through its history.

Guide Updates


Due to the change in the recent change in catalog infrastructure, many of the hyperlinks in this guide were broken. Be assured they are being repaired and the guide updated in the process. If you find links that you need corrected immediately, please email Suzanne at the email provided, state which links you need, and I'll correct them ASAP.

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The Michigan Agricultural College campus was once Michigan wilderness. The college founders designed the campus to have a park-like feel, and soon established campus buildings and structures connected by winding roads, not straight, unnatural streets. Plants, trees, and velds remained on the campus grounds and served as living laboratories to the flora and fauna of the region. This guide is to help locate the many resources that identify and track the plant life of the MAC/MSU campus. Listed below are works that describe the campus in general, including its initial designers and layout to how it appears in recent history.

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