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Michigan State University

Accessible Materials

This guide is intended to assist MSU Libraries staff to create videos, handouts, webpages and other materials which are accessible to people with disabilities.

MediaSpace Overview

Kaltura MediaSpace is MSU's video hosting service, and is a available for all MSU faculty, staff, and students to upload and share videos. Similar to Youtube or Vimeo, users are able to store videos, embed them into websites, and importantly, add captions or transcripts to make them accessible. This page covers the two main methods for adding captions to your videos.

Adding Caption Files in MediaSpace

If you have created captions for your video using a program like Camtasia (covered in the Videos tab of this guide), you can attach them directly to your MediaSpace video.

Machine Captions in MediaSpace

If you prefer, you can order machine-generated captions using the Ceilo24 plugin. This service is free to all MediaSpace users. The captions do require some editing, since they are rarely 100% accurate. Record sound using a high-quality microphone to improve caption accuracy.

When you generate captions from within MediaSpace, you will also generate a transcript of the video, which will appear below your media.

Example MediaSpace Video

This video is hosted in MediaSpace, and captioned and edited using machine generated captions.

The transcript is available if you view the video in MediaSpace

Caption Placement

MediaSpace places captions automatically. For some videos, like the one below, this may obscure important or relevant information for the viewer:

caption covering the title and name of the speaker

To Avoid Caption Placement Problems

  • Create videos that are 1280x720 pixels. You can set the size of your video in most video editing and screen capture software.
  • Avoid placing important information in the bottom portion of the video