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Michigan State University

Accessibility and Disability Studies


Welcome! This guide is designed to provide an overview of information and resources related to accessibility, disability, and the Accessibility and Disability Studies collection at the MSU Libraries.

Defining accessibility and disability

Neither "accessibility" nor "disability" have a single definition; instead, both embody complex ideas that vary in different contexts. Below are a few ways that these terms are defined:


Accessibility at MSU Libraries

The MSU Libraries are committed to providing equal access to library collections, services, and facilities for all library users. It is a priority for the MSU Libraries to select and acquire, whenever possible, resources and technologies that are accessible to all and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For library collections that aren’t accessible, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access to users with disabilities.


Accessibility and Disability Studies Collection

The MSU Libraries has multidisciplinary collections of print and electronic resources that explore disability through social, creative, cultural, historical, legal, political, and intersectional perspectives. We seek to collect materials that amplify the voices and experiences of persons in the disabled community. However, we acknowledge that some items in our collection reflect outdated notions of and terminology for disability.

Campus resources