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ASABE Technical Library Contents: Journals

ASABE Technical Library provides online access to ASABE standards, meeting and conference papers, textbooks, and monographs beginning with 2001. This guide lists titles and links to the contents of the Technical Library.

Journals in ASABE

ASABE's four journals are refereed publications that must go through a rigorous peer-review before being approved for publication. All four are indexed and abstracted in: AGRICOLA and CAB International Abstracts

Applied Engineering in Agriculture (vol.1/1985 to present); Library catalog record (holdings of print issues: v.13 (1997)- v.22 (2006))
Description: Presents the latest technical developments in every area of engineering for agriculture.

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health (vol.1/1995 to present); Library catalog record
Description: Focuses on the unique needs and concerns of safety and health as they relate to agriculture.

Transactions of the ASABE (vol.49/2006 to present); Library catalog record (holdings of print issues: v.49:no.1 (Jan. 2006)- v.49:no.6 (Dec. 2006))
Previously known as: Transactions of the ASAE (however, called Trans. of the ASABE on the Web site) vol.12/1969 - vol.48/Dec.2005; Library catalog record (holdings of print issues: v.1 (1958)- v.48 (2005))
Description: Addresses irrigation, drainage, farm buildings and equipment, agricultural machinery, biological engineering, food engineering, aquaculture, electronics, forestry and knowledge systems.

Biological Engineering (vol.1/2008); Library catalog record
Description: This journal focuses on a wide range of biological engineering topics including bioprocessing, bioreactor design, cell culture, tissue engineering, metabolic engineering, biosensors, bioinstrumentation, bioenvironmental systems, ecological engineering, bioremediation, modeling of biological processes, molecular technologies, bioconversion, biological structures and mechanics, biofuels, and more.

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