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ASABE Technical Library Contents: Citation Downloading

ASABE Technical Library provides online access to ASABE standards, meeting and conference papers, textbooks, and monographs beginning with 2001. This guide lists titles and links to the contents of the Technical Library.

Citation creation and downloading

To generate a citation in ASABE and importing it into EndNote or EndNote Web, follow these instructions.

To generate a citation that can be exported to a citation format, you must first run a search, and results can only be downloaded one at a time.

  • Run the search on keywords, the author's name, or a word in the title so you can easily locate it in the search results. 
  • At the bottom of your result record is a link "(Export to Endnotes)"; click it. 
  • Save the citation to your computer or flashdrive.  Note that ASABE saves the file as a RIS file.
  • Open EndNote and go to Import References.
    • File - browse and select the ASABE RIS file that was saved.
    • Filter - select REFMAN (RIS)  [this filter wil include the abstract in EndNote whereas ProCite RIS will not]
    • To - select either the group or Unfiled where you want it located.
    • Click the Import button.
  • Your citation will then appear in the group you've selected or as Unfiled.
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