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Free Engineering Information Resources

Selected Finding Tools

These indexes are free to use but the search results may include citations to journal articles and other materials that are not freely available.


This database indexes all of the publications of the American Society of Civil Engineers from 1975 to the present including all of their journals, conferences, books, manuals and standards. It can be searched by author, title, and keyword. To begin a search click on the “Search" button on the left side of the screen. The Engineering Library subscribes to both the print and electronic versions of all of the ASCE journals and purchases some of the other ASCE publications in print.

CiteSeerX  CiteSeerx is an evolving scientific literature digital library and search engine that has focused primarily on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeerx aims to improve the dissemination of scientific literature and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness in the access of scientific and scholarly knowledge. Rather than creating just another digital library, CiteSeerx attempts to provide resources such as algorithms, data, metadata, services, techniques, and software that can be used to promote other digital libraries. CiteSeerx has developed new methods and algorithms to index PostScript and PDF research articles on the Web

         DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Can also be used to articles in DOAJ journals.

Google Scholar:   provides users with a single access point to a broad range of topics across many disciplines and many types of information resources including journal and conference articles, books, reports, theses  and government publications.  While Google Scholar searches can identify information sources in many formats and covering a wide range of topics it is not the only or best tool for finding information all topics.

National Transportation Library Repository and Open Science Access Portal (ROSA P)

ROSA P is the National Transportation Library's Repository and Open Science Access Portal.  The name ROSA P was chosen to honor the role public transportation played in the civil rights movement, along with one of the important figures, Rosa Parks.

Founded as an all-digital library program, NTL's collection in ROSA P are full-text digital publications, datasets, and other resources.  Legacy print materials that have been digitized are collected if they have historic, technical, or national significance.  The repository is also designated as the full-text repository for USDOT-funded research the USDOT Public Access Plan.  Collections in ROSA P are available without restriction to transportation researchers, statistical organization, the media and the general public.  All resources in the public domain and/or explicit permission has been provided by the rights holder to the NTL to make their materials available for free over the web






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