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MC 399: Political Ecology of the Mekong

Spring 2021

Keyword searches

Use the library's catalog to search for books.

You can use the Basic Keyword Search for simple searches with one keyword.  This is helpful when you want to browse through a large amount of results.

You can use the Advanced Keyword Search for more complicated searches with multiple keywords.  Use one box for each keyword and use the filters below to narrow your search further, if you need to.

Subject searches

You can also perform a Subject Search using subject headings as your search terms.

Subjects in the library catalog use a specific set of terms, or a controlled vocabulary.  The easiest way to figure out what subjects to search for is to find a book that seems relevant to your research and look at the subjects in its catalog record, listed under Subject.  Click on these to see all the books listed under that subject.

Rice -- Southeast Asia

Foreign Workers -- Southeast Asia

Finding a book in the library

Click on the Get it! button to view your options for accessing a book.  You can request to pick it up at the Main Library's front desk or contactless lockers or to have it mailed to your house.

Catalog record for Women, Religion, and the Body

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Books outside the library

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