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Michigan State University

LGBTQ Resources at the MSU Archives & Historical Collections : MSU Departmental Records

MSU Departmental Records

Department of Police and Public Safety records (UA 2.7) 

Department of Psychiatry records (UA 16.100) 

  • 3.0 cubic feet 
  • Materials related to the MSU AIDS Education Training Center can be found in this collection. The materials include publications about ministry and aids, promotional handouts, health and safe sex kits, and t-shirts (the majority of this material was not created by Michigan State University). 
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LBGT Resource Center records (UA 7.16) 

  • 6.0 cubic feet 
  • The records of the LBGT Resource Center consist of background materials and final reports for the University-Wide Task Force for Lesbian and Gay Issues.  Other materials include Michigan State University Gay and Lesbian Faculty Staff Association materials, faculty development seminar packets, and curriculum material from MSU and other institutions. A History of Gay/Lesbian Activities: MSU can be found in Box 2769, Folder 18. 
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Media Communications records (UA 8.1.1) 

MSU HealthTeam records (UA 3.1) 

MSU Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action (MSU IDEA) records (UA 3.22) 

  • 0.1 cubic feet 
  • MSU Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action (MSU IDEA) was "a plan for advancing excellence through diversity within the Michigan State University community."  MSU IDEA II consisted of "50 initiatives in the areas of leadership and administration; recruitment and retention of faculty, students, and staff; instruction, research, and outreach; and climate." A few of these initiatives specifically address the rights of the LGBT community on campus. Folder 4 of the collection contains the MSU IDEA II book (1992). 
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Office of Diversity and Pluralism records (UA 16.171) 

Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives records (UA 8.2) 

Office of the President records (UA 2) 

  • 2 items  
  • Subject files on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) 1986-1992, Task Force on Gay and Lesbian Issues 1992, Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action – the MSU Idea 1989-1990. Subject file on Task force on Lesbian and Gay Issues. 
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Office of the President. Clifton R. Wharton papers (UA 2.1.14) 

  • 0.1 cubic feet 
  • Fourteenth president of Michigan State University, Wharton’s term of office (1970-1977) was often a turbulent one, featuring student demonstrations in 1970 and 1972. 
  • Box 432, Folder 32 contains Sexual Orientation Discrimination case records, 1972-1973. Leonard Graff, representative of the Gay Liberation Movement and an MSU student, requested a hearing of the Student-Faculty Judiciary, stating that the Board of Trustees violated the Academic Freedom Report by not publicly stating a policy which clearly defines the extent to which the anti-discrimination policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Box 425, Folder 3 contains complaints about PSY 290 Human Sexuality, 1972-1973. 
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Office of the President. John A. DiBiaggio records (UA 2.1.17) 

Office of the President. John A. Hannah papers (UA 2.1.12) 

  • 0.1 cubic feet 
  • As twelfth president of Michigan State University, John Alfred Hannah served from July 1, 1941 to April 1, 1969.  His tenure was characterized by extensive growth of the University, in both size and enrollments.  President Hannah's activities were not limited to the University, however, as he filled a variety of positions in both the federal government and private industry. 
  • Relevant materials include the restricted files of student disciplinary cases from the office of the VP of Student Affairs during Hannah’s tenure. These files have had personal information redacted and are now accessible to the researcher (Box 763, Folder 76a; Box 764, Folders 74a, 75a, 76a). 
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Office of the President. Maurice Cecil Mackey records (UA 2.1.16) 

  • 3.0 cubic feet 
  • M. Cecil Mackey’s records were created or collected primarily in his capacity as the fifteenth president of Michigan State University (1979-1985). Issues that span multiple presidencies may be documented here, as well as other presidents' files. 
  • Significant to this topic is the case of John J. Nowak, III vs. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. Nowak was suspended from membership of the fraternity by a majority vote in January 1982 because of his homosexuality. 
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Office of the President. M. Peter McPherson records (UA 2.1.19) 

Olin Health Center records (UA 7.9) 

Office of the Ombudsperson records (UA 2.13) 

  • 0.5 cubic feet 
  • This collection contains clippings from the State News, the Detroit News, and others covering stories on civil rights issues including those relating to the homosexual community on campus and throughout the nation. 
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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs records (UA 3) 

  • 7 folders 
  • Redacted copies of East Lansing and MSU Police Department reports of homosexual activity which include statements from individuals questioning their involvement in homosexual activities (Box 5575, Folders 3a, 22a-25a). 
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Public Relations records (UA 8.1) 

State Board of Agriculture / Board of Trustees records (UA 1) 

  • 110.5 cubic feet 
  • The State Board of Agriculture papers include correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records legal records and newspaper clippings of the first governing body of the state agriculture college. The Board of Trustees records include minutes of meetings, reference materials and supporting documentation for the Board meetings. 
  • The CDs series includes digitized audio recordings. The Electronic Resources series includes digitized audio recordings and text documents of meeting minutes.   
  • Minutes of Board of Trustees meetings record changes in personnel and university policies. Supplemental materials for meetings from 1922 to 1993 are included. Relevant policies are the 1997 Domestic Partner benefits ruling and the 2010 MSU LGBT Climate Survey results. 
  • Supporting materials for the meeting held on June 17, 1955 include correspondence with and about Professor Harry H. Scales regarding that “homosexuals are among the teaching profession at the College.” (Box 1904, Folder 9) 
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University-Wide Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Issues records (UA 3.22.1) 

  • 3.0 cubic feet 
  • The records of the University-Wide Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Issues consist of five series: Final Report, Focus Group and Surveys, Working Papers, Articles and Reference Materials, and Work Groups and Committees. 
  • The Final Reports series consists of volumes one, two and three of the report. Volume I contains a history of the task force, recommendations, history of lesbians and gays at Michigan State University, and hopes for the future. Volume II consists of transcripts of forums, responses to open-ended questions from the survey, and codebooks which give statistical information used to analyze the surveys. In addition, there are transcripts of forums from Lesbian and Gay focus groups. This series retains the original order of the report. 
  • The Focus Groups and Surveys series contains transcripts from focus groups not included in the final report. They are excerpts taken from the transcriptions of the focus groups and compiled by subject. There is also a report summarizing the process of the survey and the focus groups. The series contains blank surveys that were handed out to faculty staff and students as well as the data from the questionnaires. 
  • The Working Papers series is comprised of documents relating to the general business of the Task Force and work groups. It contains executive meeting minutes, memos, notes, Gay and Lesbian Faculty group papers, and correspondence. Also included are documents about recommendations to the university including those to the Military Education Advisory Committee about ROTC issues. 
  • The Articles and Reference Materials series consists of articles from newspapers and magazines, including local sources, about issues relevant to the Task Force. The reference materials consist of policies from other universities, cities, and national groups on topics such as domestic partnership and housing. 
  • The Work Groups and Committees series consists of items generated by the specific work groups and the Publicity Subcommittee which was a part of the task force. Included are memos, correspondence, and notes. 
  • Additional materials: A CD-ROM with additional electronic versions of the task force's final report is contained in a small box within Box 1844. Included are final reports produced by individual work groups. 
  • The small box also contains a tape recording of the Minority Issues forum. 
  • Audio tapes of interviews may not be reproduced and identifying names should not be published. 
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Women’s Resource Center records (UA 8.2.2) 

  • 0.5 cubic feet 
  • Folder 5, 8, 14 contain materials relevant to LGBT issues. 
  • This collection contains flyers, reports, and assorted guides from the Women’s Program/Women’s Resource Center at Michigan State University.  The flyers advertise workshops and events celebrating women’s achievements and women’s history week.  Other events focus on issues such as LGBT and racial concerns.  There are two reports outlining the minority presence at different campuses across the country and list the minority organizations as well as the affirmative action officers.  Also included are resource guides which outline activities and programs for women at MSU.  There is also a video of the event, “Women Matter: Celebrating Women Achieving Excellence,” from May 1, 2002. Gwendolyn Norrell was the keynote speaker and faculty and staff were honored at the event. 
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Women’s Studies Program records (UA 16.176) 

  • 4.0 cubic feet 
  • This collection contains information about the development of the Women’s Studies Program at Michigan State University.  MSU, as part of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), utilized research and input from the other member institutions (primarily Big-Ten) in the establishment of the Women’s Study Program. Of particular interest are the files about issues at the Michigan State University campus, including pornography and discrimination. 
  • Information about an anti-LGBT incident that occurred in Abbot Hall in 2002 can be found in this collection. 
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