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World War I Collections at the MSU Archives & Historical Collections : Other Archival Resources

Other Resources

Annual Reports of the Michigan Board of Agriculture (UA 1.0) 

College of Engineering Records (UA 15.2) 

  • 2 cubic feet 
  • The records include materials relating to World War I training including the Student Army Training Corps, course information, Committee on Education and Special Training, information on armored vehicles, as well as correspondence. 
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The Holcad (Serial 00669) 

  • The Holcad was the student newspaper at MAC during World War I.  It gives information on how World War I affected campus life and the community and the MAC students, alumni, and faculty who joined the war effort. 
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MAC Record (Serial 00048) 

  • The MAC Record was the alumni magazine for MAC.  It provides information on MAC students and alumni who had joined military service during World War I. 
  • Digitized copies are available online:  
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MAC Wolverine (Serial 00049) 

  • The MAC yearbook for the year 1918 provides a list of MAC students and alumni serving in World War I.  It also includes a picture and brief biography of Corporal William R. Johnson, class of 1912, the first person from MAC to be killed during the war, and of Sergeant P.J. Cross, instructor in military science at MAC since 1910, who was killed in 1918.  It also has a section dedicated to the various military classes and activities on campus. 
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U.S. Military History Collection (c.00470) 

Photographs - Military Science, 1900-1919. (MSU Photo Collection) 

  • 9 folders 
  • Various photos related to the Military Science Department at MAC in the years before, during, and after World War I. The pictures are divided into categories of Cadets, Cadet Officers, Drill, Instructors, Rifle Team, and Training. 
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Photographs - Military Science, 1920-1939. (MSU Photo Collection) 

Stars and Stripes Publications (00197) 

  • 0.8 cubic feet 
  • The collection consists of Stars and Stripes newspapers published during World War I and World War II.  The issues 1918-1919, 1944-1946 are arranged in chronological order.  When two dates are listed together, it indicates two issues were attached together.  The designation of European and Mediterranean after the dates in box 2, indicates which theater of war the issue came from.  The newspapers contain information on the wars, life as a soldier, as well as some non-war news. 
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