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African Americans at MSU Archives & Historical Collections: Archival Collections - MSU Departmental Records

Archival Collections - MSU Departmental Records

College of Urban Development records (UA 15.20), 1968-1992                                                                             

  • 11 cubic feet
  • This collection contains material relating to the founding, history, and administration of the College of Urban Development. Materials include annual reports, meeting minutes, administration correspondence, workshop and conference information, college publications, and extensive subject files relating to issues pertinent to urban issues and development. Of special note, the collection contains audio recordings and information related to the College’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Lectures and Urban Forum, which hosted many important speakers related to urban development and civil rights. There are also photographs/negatives documenting College events. Archivist’s note: because of the cross-over of personnel and programs involved with the College’s founding, there are materials in this collection that may relate to other university programs. See Finding Aids for: Center for Urban Affairs (UA 3.23), Center for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (UA 8.2), and Robert L. Green papers (UA 17.20).    
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 Center for Urban Affairs records (UA 3.23), 1968-2003                                                                                              

  • 10.8 cubic feet
  • The records of the Center for Urban Affairs consist of bibliographies of resources in the in-house library, survey results, newsletters, brochures, proceedings of the Urban Directors Conference, a guide for minority students, a journal of undergraduate student papers, bylaws, faculty meeting minutes and directories, and documentation of the transition from Urban Affairs to the College of Social Science. 
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Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives records (UA 8.2), 1971-2019                                              

  • 0.5 cubic feet
  • The Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives records consist of reports of the Women and Minority Training Program (1972-1973) which was a program to assist women and minorities in adjusting to and carrying out their jobs. Also included are class listings relating to women's studies (1973-1974), and a 1974 guide on MSU's recruitment of women and minorities as faculty and staff members. There are also data reports, event flyers, training flyers, and a program from the 2002 Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.
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  Women’s Resource Center records (UA 8.2.2.), 1972-2016                                                                                      

  • 7.5 cubic feet
  • This collection contains flyers, reports, and assorted guides from the Women’s Program/Women’s Resource Center at Michigan State University. The flyers advertise workshops and events celebrating women’s achievements, women’s history week, breast cancer awareness week, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Other events focus on issues such as LGBT and racial concerns. There are reports outlining the minority presence at different campuses across the country and list the minority organizations as well as the affirmative action officers.
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 Vice President for Student Affairs Student Protest files (UA 7.0), 1965-1976                                                   

  • 0.5 cubic feet
  • This collection documents the activities of several protest groups and organizations. The records include newspaper articles, reports, flyers, and bulletins which were collected by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs from 1965 to 1976. The bulk of the materials reflect several major student protest issues during the period including Civil Rights, Anti-Vietnam War, anti-military, and student rights. 
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MSU Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action (MSU IDEA) records (UA 3.22), 1991-2002                   

  • 4 folders
  • MSU Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action (MSU IDEA) was "a plan for advancing excellence through diversity within the Michigan State University community." MSU IDEA II consisted of "50 initiatives in the areas of leadership and administration; recruitment and retention of faculty, students, and staff; instruction, research, and outreach; and climate."
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Michigan State University 1970 Student Strike records (UA 26.1)                                                                        

  • 9 folders
  • The records consist of materials related to student demonstrations and strikes in May 1970. Topics of the protests included ROTC, and the war in Vietnam. Materials include newspaper clippings, copies of student flyers, as well as press releases. There are also copies of typewritten notes of timeline of events, damage to buildings, and class attendance. There is also a flyer about Bobby Seale in the Bulletins and Announcements folder. 
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 Media Communication records (UA 8.1.1), 1925-2015                                                                                              

  • 172 cubic feet
  • The Media Communications department and its predecessor units are responsible for the production and distribution of news releases for the University. The department also collects news clippings and articles of interest either containing released information or information relating to University activities, policies, matters and people. The department also retains audio recordings, photographs and video recording of select events and individuals. 
  • Included in this collection are news releases, subject files, audiovisual, and photographs related to student strikes and sit-ins, the College of Urban Development, the African Studies Center, and more.
  • Student Activities: Sit-In, February 8, 1989 - May 21, 1992, Box 1809/Folder 8
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 Office of the President records (UA 2), 1876-2008                                                                                                       

  • 5.75 cubic feet
  • This collection contains records from the Office of the President and includes commencement addresses, speeches, reports, photographs and other materials. The Subject Files are general files containing topics of interest to and involvement with the Office from the late 1980s through the 1990s. These files span several presidencies. 
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Associate Provost records (UA 3.4), 1960-1989                                                                                                           

  • 139.5 cubic feet
  • The position of Associate Provost was created in 1975 during a reorganization of assistant provost offices and responsibilities. Under another restructuring of duties within the Provost's Office during the 1995-1996 academic year, the position and office of Associate Provost was dissolved and its duties were absorbed by other units. The Associate Provost reported and was accountable to the Provost.
  • Subject files related to Affirmative Action, Black Faculty and Administrators Association, Minority Enrollment Reports, Minority Student Information, Center for Urban Affairs, College of Urban Development, and Visiting Minority Faculty.
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 Sports Information records (UA 8.1.3), 1884-2016                                                                    

  • 8 cubic feet
  • The collection consists of eight series. These are Athletic Record Books; Reference Materials and Drafts for Spartan Saga; News Releases; Media Guides; Miscellaneous Materials; Audiovisual Materials; and Serials.
  • African American Athletes' Boycott – correspondence/clippings - Box 2522/Folders 23-24
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Office of the Ombudsman records (UA 2.13), 1968-1970, 1988-1991, 2015-2017                                      

  • 0.5 cubic feet
  • The records of the Office of the Ombudsperson include brochures and handouts about its services. There are also newspaper clippings from The State News, The Detroit News, and others covering stories on civil rights issues in regard to race issues between African Americans and whites both on Michigan State University's campus and throughout the nation. 
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 Placement Services records (UA 4.5), 1942-1984                                                                                                       

  • 1 cubic feet
  • The collection contains reports, brochures, newsletters, and information for students about careers. Also included are special reports that indicate employment rates and statistics on employment trends for various student demographics. This collection contains materials for Placement Services for 1984 and before. See Career Services records (UA 7.6) for records for 1985 and after when the office was administered by Student Services. 
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 Career Services and Placement records (UA 7.6), 1985-2015                                                                                

  • 1.7 cubic feet
  • This collection contains materials for Career Development and Placement Services for 1985 and after, such as brochures, flyers, reports, and career guides. It also contains reports from the Collegiate Employment Research Institute. See Placement Services records (UA 4.5) for records related to 1984 and before when the office was administered by other administrative units.
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 Vice President for University Relations records (UA 8), 1948-2016                                                                    

  • 8 cubic feet
  • The office was formally established in 1970. Prior to this the unit was known as the Special Assistant to the President for Public Relations (1948-1959), and Assistant to the President and Director of University Relations (1959-1969). In 2012, the unit was renamed Communications and Brand Strategy. 
  • Within this collection are mentions of student strikes and anti-war demonstrations on campus and across the country.
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University Conferences and Institutes records (UA 3.3.3), 1944-1985

  • 6 cubic feet
  • This collection includes records and bulletins for conferences and seminars sponsored by the Lifelong Education Programs Office in cooperation with other departments on campus.
  • It also holds the documents for the Black Woman Writer and the Diaspora conference. These include housing and travel arrangements for guests, grant correspondences, and photographs of guests who attended. There are also publications about the event, and publications written by the guests themselves.
  • Finding aid to the collection: