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Michigan State University

African Americans at MSU Archives & Historical Collections: Other Resources at the MSU Archives

Other Resources at the MSU Archives

Voices of MSU - Voices of MSU records the current and historical experiences and achievements of minority students, faculty, and staff at Michigan State University.

Archives @ MSU blog site

On the Banks of the Red Cedar

MSU Information Files

  • Admissions and Student Body Composition. Report to the President. 1971
  • Affirmative Action (2 folders)
  • African Studies Center
  • Black Affairs, Office of
  • Black Cultural Center
  • Black Culture Room
  • Black Panthers
  • Black Student Alliance
  • Black Students at MSU (See also: Minority Students, Minorities)
  • Black Studies
  • Black Women Employees Association (See also: Women. Employment)
  • Center for Urban Affairs (2 folders)
  • Discrimination (See Also: Diversity)
  • Diversity
  • Diversity in University Housing
  • Enrollment
  • Equal Opportunity Program
  • Faculty. Activism
  • Faculty. Dissent
  • Faculty. Minorities
  • Fraternities. Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, Office for (I3)
  • King Jr., Martin Luther Day. Events
  • King Jr., Martin Luther Visit
  • Library. Urban Affairs
  • Minorities (2 folders)
  • Minority Affairs, Office of
  • Minority Aide Program
  • Minority Employment
  • Minority Enrollment
  • Minority Students (2 folders) (See Also: Minorities; Migrant Services; Native Am. Students; Chicano; Mexican American Students; Black Students; Pan-African Student Organization in the Americas (PASOA)
  • Minority Students Participation in Academic Government
  • Pan-African Student Organization in the Americas (PASOA) (See also: Minority Students)
  • Project 60/50, 2014
  • Race Relations
  • Sororities. Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Student Activism 
  • Student Groups
  • Student Riots
  • Students. Demonstrations (2 folders) (See also: Boycotts, Student Riots, Student Activism, Political Cartoon Controversy)
  • University Statistical Data Book (1983)
  • Urban Affairs Program, Michigan State University
  • Urban Development, College of
  • Visitors to Michigan State University (See also: King Jr., Martin Luther Visit; Commencement Speakers; Commencement Speeches)

MSU Photo Files

  • Athletics. Basketball
  • Athletics. Basketball. Johnson, Earvin "Magic"
  • Athletics. Football
  • Students. Demonstrations
  • Students. Dormitory Life
  • Students. Organizations. Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Students. Organizations. Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Students. Organizations. Pan-Hellenic Council

University Publications

  • MSU Yearbooks (Serial 49), 1900-Present. Additional Yearbooks available at the Main Library
  • Faculty and Student Directories, 1903-1937. Additional Directories available at the Main Library
  • M.A.C. Record - Alumni Newspaper (Serial 48), 1896-1955
  • The Holcad - Student Newspaper (Serial 669), 1909-1925.  Additional copies available at the Main Library
  • The State News - Student newspaper that evolved from The Holcad (UA 12.7.2), 1925-2021. Digitized copies from 1925-1980 available; some issues missing or hard to read.
  • MSU News-Bulletin - Faculty Newspaper (Serial 45), 1969-2007. Additional copies available at the Main Library