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Michigan State University

MSU Sports Collections at MSU Archives & Historical Collections: University Publications

University Publications

Programs, Media Guides and Information Sheets published by the Sports Information Office are available for:

Baseball - Media Guide, Serial 158

Basketball, Men’s

Media Guide, Serial 161  

Program, Serial 162

Basketball, Women’s

Program, Serial 764

Media Guide, Serial 914

Cross Country, Men’s – Media Guide, Serial 232

Cross Country, Women’s – Media Guide, Serial 1098

Fencing, Serial 293

Field Hockey, Serial 295


Program, Serial 54

Media Guide, Serial 305

Golf, Men’s, Serial 318

Golf, Women’s, Serial 913

Gymnastics, Men’s, Serial 335

Gymnastics, Women’s, Serial 773


Media Guide, Serial 342

Program, Serial 343

Lacrosse, Serial 403

Soccer, Men’s, Serial 641

Soccer, Women’s – Media Guide, Serial 1096

Softball, Serial 645

Swimming, Serial 686

Tennis, Serial 691

Tennis, Women’s, Serial 1095

Track and Field, Men’s, Serial 367

Track and Field, Women’s, Serial 912

Volleyball, Serial 911

Wrestling, Serial 760

Intramural Handbook

Men’s Sports Schedules

Varsity ‘S’ Club Newsletter

Press Box Information Sheet

  • Serial 859
  • These Information Sheets were provided to members of the press at football games.  Some contain probable starting line-ups, team records, season schedule, half-time entertainment, team roster, and other team information.  Others were created after the game and include a play-by-play summary of the game.
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MSU Yearbooks

The Holcad

  • Serial 669
  • This forerunner to the State News was an early newspaper that provided articles about sporting events of the day. [Note: The State News is available at the MSU Main Library in the microforms section.] 
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The College Speculum

  • Serial 662
  • The first edition of The College Speculum was printed on August 1, 1881, with Liberty Hyde Bailey as editor in chief. The College Speculum's board of editors consisted of representatives from five societies (Natural History, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Union Literary, and Eclectic). Anyone who had ever been a student at M.A.C. was allowed to submit an article. For this reason, this publication is considered to be the first alumni magazine on campus. The Speculum lasted 14 years, ceasing publication in 1895. In its time, the Speculum strengthened ties between alumni, current students, and the college administration by listing activities of M.A.C.'s extended community.
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The M.A.C./M.S.C. Record

Alumni Magazine