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PSL 310 HO--Researching topics for honors option: Finding Scientific Articles


To find scientific articles, search PubMed

  1. Put in simple search terms or two-word search terms together using the word AND.  This works much better than entering long phrases.
  2. Always check the date of the articles you retrieve to make sure you are getting the most recent research.
  3. Look first for Review articles.  This will provide summary and background to help you understand the field.  You can refine your search to just Review articles on the left hand side of your page of search results. 
  4. Click the  Find Text at MSU button icon and follow links to get to the full text. 

Example searches:

stem cells AND gastrointestinal tract

muscular dystrophy AND genetics

Clixk on the "Send to" link and choose Clipboard as the option to store citations you later want to print, email, or save. 

If you get a lot of results, in the Advanced Search, try searching your main term in the Title of the article, rather than just by keyword.  This will find only articles with your main term in the title. (Don't try this with all of your search terms as that may narrow down your search results drastically, leaving you with potentially only older articles.)  


Biology Librarian and Health Sciences Coordinator

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