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PSL 310 HO--Researching topics for honors option: Citing Sources

Citing Resources

When you cite references to articles or books, you will need to put your citations into a specific style.

The style you're being asked to use for PSL 310 HO is:   AMA (American Medical Association) style, Go the table of contents to the section on ReferencesThis page has a short description of how to do references.  

University of Illinois Chicago has created a one page guide to help make it easier. 


Other tips:

Citing Books (electronic or not)

Citing an electronic book is just like citing a hardcopy book.  Be sure to include all the parts:  author, title, book chapter title, volume, pages, etc.  If electronic, you can also add something like:   "accessed online on the Elsevier Science Direct platform, October 23, 2019." 

Citing Articles

You do not need to do anything special for citing online journals if they are respected medical journals indexed in a database like PubMed. These are unchanging and fixed documents, and so retrieval date is not important. If you are citing an article that you got off the internet from another source, you may need to cite the access date.

Citing other Web Sites

You need to pay careful attention to what type of electronic material you are citing. If it is an online book, follow instructions for citing books. If it is an online journal, follow instructions for citing journal articles. If it is a Web document that is neither of the above, follow general AMA instructions for citing Web sites.


If you use an image from an article or book, be sure to cite the whole source.  Using images from articles and books is OK for presentations for your class.  Due to copyright law, you may not post the image online or use for other non-classroom activities.

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