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The Crusades: Bibliographies

Short guide to researching the Crusades, in English, 11th-14th centuries.


Bibliographies may be found in books, articles, or web sites.  They provide lists, sometimes annotated, of other books, articles, etc. to read on a topic.  Sometimes the format will be bibliographic essays, in which various sources are discussed in narrative form.


American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature  Main and Reference D 20 .A55 1995

When published, it contained recommendations for all the best works in English on any given historical topic.  Not continuously updated, so use with caution.  Be sure to consult other, newer, bibliographies, newer works in our online catalog, or newer scholarly articles, in addition.  See v. 1, pp. 642-643 "The Crusades" and v. 1, pp. 513-516 "The Crusaders and Their Opponents."  Short annotations.

History of Christian-Muslim Relations

Look up this series title in our online catalog.  We have some volumes in paper and access to a lot of the volumes online in the E Book package from Brill publisher in Middle East and Islamic Studies Online. 

Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History

Volume 11 of the series above is supposed to be a sub-series of 7 volumes called Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History.  These volumes go chronologically by date.  Volumes 1-4 cover the time period of the Crusades.  The volumes contain a combination of secondary history writing on topics, but also dictionary type entries about particular texts along with bibliographical references to writings about them. These are long, dense books.  The online versions take a long time to actually load up on your computer to see the full texts. So we have bought some of the volumes in paper.  They are in Main at BP 172 .C4196 2009 v. 1-4, 6, 8.  Volumes 1-4 cover the medieval period.

Islamic Civilization: History, Contributions, and Influence: a Compendium of Literature  Main DS 36.85 .G49 2006

Annotated bibliography of books, then of articles with sub-sections within each.  Covers both book and article material on the Crusades written from the 19th century to present.  Lengthy, evaluative annotations.  Author, translator, and title indexes, but no subject indexes. 

Crusade Historiography and Bibliography Main Z 6207 .C97 A8

Also older.  Be sure to look for other, more recent sources.  Chapter on crusade historiography.  Several chapters on monumental collections of works on them in various languages.  General bibliography from both Western and Arabic/Oriental perspectives.  Historical background. The Crusade movement with chapters on the various numbered crusades, on the military orders of religion, on Islamic culture, on East-West commerce, and aftermath of crusades. 

Medieval West--Reference Sources is a more in-depth guide offering a great many bibliographies and other reference materials.

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