Michigan State University

Video Game Collection Development Policy Statement

Analysis of the Subject Field

  • Chronology of collected resources
    • The oldest games in the collection are from approximately 1990; new games are purchased annually according to a selection process.
    • Purchases are considered from any release year between about 1985 and the present day.
  • Languages
    • The vast majority of game materials function in English; however, additional language support varies by title, platform, etc..
    • Purchases of non-English-language games may be considered in the future.
  • Geography emphases/restrictions
    • We don’t support PAL games; we do support NTSC, and EU- and NA-region games.
    • Primary focus is on games available in the North American markets.
  • Format of resources
    • Because of the sharing-restricted nature of digital-only game licensing, the collection includes only physical disc and cartridge media formats, supported by hardware that exists in DMC.
  • Date of publication of resources
    • Acquisition emphasis favors new games, released in the last 1-2 years, but also includes older games which are determined to be historically or thematically relevant to the existing collection and/or coursework.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) considerations
    • Specific effort is made toward purchasing materials that feature creator identities and/or content—or that speak directly to audiences or experiences—outside of white, male, heteronormative culture. Attention will be paid to imagery, terminology, and authentically generated content.
    • Accessibility
      • Wide variability in disabilities to accommodate
      • Some peripherals are kept on-hand (Microsoft Adaptive Controller)
    • Access
      • Collection is divided between circulating and library-use-only games, depending on criteria such as platform, rarity, age, value, complexity, piece count, etc..