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Vietnam and the MSU Connection: Resources in Special Collections: Online resources


Map of Vietnam

From 1955 to 1962, Michigan State University "played an active role in the American-led effort to build a stable non-communist state in the Republic of Vietnam (better known as South Vietnam)." (1)

American military forces were committed to assist South Vietnam in the conflict with its northern neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. By 1967, anti-war and anti-draft protests were widespread in the United States, including the MSU campus.

This resource guide identifies primary sources in Special Collections at the Main Library. Our holdings include material on MSU's involvement in Vietnam and campus activism against the war. Related sources describing other anti-war activism, especially in Michigan, are included.

This page covers online resources. Some are available only to MSU faculty and current students.

(1) MSU Vietnam Group Archive website.


Image of Ramparts cover, April 1966


Accessible to MSU-affiliated users only

Accessible to all users

MSU Vietnam Group Archive

  • 800,000 pages of material digitized by MSU's University Archives & Historical Collections.

Michigan Oral History Database

  • Some overlap with Oral History Online (above) but worth checking.