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Michigan State University

Fast Facts: Atlases & Geography

Select a category from the tabs above for reference tools available online. These sites include academic, government and commercial sources. Some sites are accessible only to current MSU students, faculty and staff.

Atlases & Geography

Interactive Road Maps
Google Maps
Zoom in to any U.S. location or retrieve driving directions between two addresses (or two street intersections or two towns). Display options include a generic street map, a street map underlaid by aerial photography, and in some cases an oblique view.

Mapquest provides standard interactive road maps and driving directions. If you click on "Outside U.S. and Canada" you may retrieve roadmaps of the rest of the world.

Online Maps to Download or Print
Scanned Maps from University of Texas Map Library
The University of Texas at Austin offers this huge resource of online maps of many kinds.

Location & Distance Tools
How far is it?
Enter the names of two cities to learn the distance between them (as the bird flies). For driving distances, use the interactive road maps linked above.

U.S. Gazetteer: Search for a Place in the US
Enter the name of a place to find its location and basic census data.

US Population
Type in the name of a place to learn basic population numbers. 

MSU Map Library: Links to Useful Sites
This site is maintained by MSU Map Librarian, Kathleen Weessies.