Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy: Economics

Division of collection responsibilities between the Business Library and Main

HA (statistics), HB (economic theory), HC (national production), HD10-1341 – Main

HD1375-1395 (real estate) – Business

HD1405-2429 (agriculture and industry) – Main

HD2709-2769 (industry) – Business

HD2771-4730 (industry) – Main

HD9000-9999 (industry) – shared on title by title basis

HE1-328 (transportation & communication) – Main

HE381-5999 (same) – Main

HE6000-9925 (post/telephone/telegraph) – shared

HF1-347 (commerce) – Business

HF347 –499 (same) – Main

HF1001-1650 (same) – Business

HF1701-404 (same) – shared

HF5001-6201 (business) – Business

HG1-188 (finance) – Business

HG210-1486 (money) – Main

HG501-9245 (banking, etc.) – Business.