Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Allied Health

Levels of collection importance in the sub fields of communicative sciences and disorders and laboratory diagnostics

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Using WLN/OCLC Conspectus

0.    Out-of-scope, not collected
1.    Minimal information level
2.    Basic information level
3.    Study or instructional support level
4.    Research level
5.    Comprehensive level

Please note that where the entire category was deemed to be collected at the same level of intensity, that category was collapsed to only display its highest-level categorization. Within a category, individual call numbers collected at a different level than the overall category are pulled out as needed.

Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Call # Ranges Subject Level
RC 423–428.8 Speech and language disorders, including neurological and psychoneurotic disorders 4
RC 286-320 Audiology, hearing disorders and deafness 4

Medical Technology

Call # Ranges Subject Level
RB 24-33 Pathological Anatomy and Histology 4
RB 37-56 Laboratory Diagnosis and Techniques 4
RB 112.5 Clinical Chemistry 4
RB 145 Hematology 4