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Collection Development Policy Statement: Mathematics/Statistics

Analysis of the Subject Field

  1. Chronology of the subject: emphases/restrictions

    Mathematical publications do not age to the same extent as publications in other sciences. So it is desirable to keep older publications on-site as much as possible. But the emphasis is on the collection of current materials. A number of publishers have active reprint programs for materials in mathematics if retrospective materials are needed. The Mathematics materials budget provides the funds for the acquisition of mathematics-related material.

  2. Languages of resources collected: exclusions/emphases/translations

    The emphasis is on English language materials, but foreign language materials, particularly French and German, are also collected. Russian and Chinese publications are often available in translation and some of these are collected.

  3. Geography of the subject: emphases/restrictions

    U.S., Canadian, and European materials tend to be emphasized but there are no restrictions.

  4. Format of the resources collected: restrictions if any

    Print materials are complemented by electronic resources such as abstract & indexing sevices (e.g., MathSciNet), electronic journals, electronic books, select databases, and a small collection of mathematics-related videos. Some mathematics/statistics software packages are also purchased.

  5. Date of publication of resources collected: emphases if any

    Emphasis is on current imprints, but retrospective collection development is done as necessary.

  6. Deselection

    Deselection applies, but is not limited, to outdated text-books, duplicate copies, superceeded reference material, and works in poor condition.

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