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Collection Development Policy Statement: Packaging

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

Anticipated Future Trends

The doctoral program in packaging will continue to require strong library support, with particular emphasis on food packaging innovations, permeability and shelf life, polymeric packaging materials, tamper-evident, and environmentally sustainable packaging. The growing number of online courses , including an online Master of Science in Packaging, as well as an overall desire for remote access to library resources, will continue to increase the demand for networked resources and electronic journals. The addition of research data is a potential area of growth. For guidelines, please see MSU's Digital Research Data Collection Development Policy.

Relationships With Other Resources

On Campus Branch or Format Collections, if any.

Materials in the Business Library help support the needs of the School of Packaging.

Regional or Network Resources, if any.

As part of the Michigan Research Libraries Triangle, MSU Libraries maintains reciprocal borrowing agreements with the University of Michigan and Wayne State Libraries. Materials are also obtained via interlibrary loan from other Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions or from commercial suppliers such as Pira International.

Relationships to Resources Treated in Other Policy Statements

Business:    packaging industry, distribution, logistics
Chemistry:    polymer chemistry
Engineering:    package engineering, materials science 
Environmental Studies:    packaging waste, recycling
Fine Arts:    packaging design, printing
Law:    packaging & environmental law and regulation
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