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Collection Development Policy Statement: Chicano and Latino Studies

General Collection Guidelines

A. Languages

English and Spanish are the primary languages of the collection. Works published in German, French and Italian are purchased in the original and, when available, in English or Spanish translation. Works published originally in languages other than those mentioned above are generally purchased only when translated into English or Spanish.

B. Chronological Guidelines

Materials for the period of the early Spanish explorers (16th century) to the present are acquired.

C. Geographical Guidelines:

Inclusive of the United States boundaries; the United States-Mexico borderlands and some Puerto Rican (island) materials supporting the mainland Puerto Rican experience and the experiences of Chicanos and Latinos abroad. This does not include the experiences of resident populations in their home countries (e.g.Mexicans in Mexico, Cubans in Cuba, etc.)

D. Treatment of Subject:

All materials dealing with any aspect of Chicanos as well as other Latinos in the United States at any level are acquired. Works which treat historical, social, cultural, and political aspects of Chicanos and Latinos in the U.S. are especially of interest.

E. Types of Materials:

In addition to the usual formats acquired by the Libraries, it will also acquire conference proceedings on Chicano or Latino related issues, publications of Chicano and Latino research centers, reports of private or quasi-public agencies, publications of Chicano and Latino professional organizations, archival material, microforms and all types of audiovisual materials-sound recordings, videocassette, slides etc. (especially those unique and locally produced items) posters, theses and dissertations, relevant government documents (especially state and federal), posters, photography, scores, children's literature of selected authors bearing a mark on Chicano/Latino literature, and ephemera. Artist books are acquired that support and enrich the Chicana/o and Latina/o cultural and historical experience, arts and production in the United States.  For additional information on the Libraries Artist Book Collection policies, see 


F. Date of Publication:

Emphasis is on current works, but retrospective works are also acquired.

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