Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: International Documents

Analysis of the Subject Field

Chronology of the Subject: Emphases/Restrictions

There are no chronological restrictions; although International Documents by nature emphasize current activities, occasionally historical publications are included.


Languages of Resources collected: Exclusions/Emphases/Translations

Emphasis is on comprehensive collection of English-language materials.

Some materials may appear in languages other than English only: these will be purchased very selectively in French or Spanish, if available.


Geography of the Subject: Emphases/Restrictions

No geographical restrictions, but an organizational one. International Documents collects materials from organizations that are made up of sovereign states. Publications by Inter/Non-governmental Organizations whose members are not states are not collected under this policy.


Format of the Resources Collected: Restrictions

Emphasis is on electronic and print materials, with a preference for electronic formats when archival rights and pricing are favorable. Microforms may be acquired when print is not available, but are not a preferred format. CD-Roms are occasionally purchased for lesser used materials when online access pricing is prohibitive.


Date of Publication of Resources Collected: Restrictions

Mostly current materials are acquired. Out-of-print titles are purchased to fill in runs of serials, monographic sets, and replace lost or stolen materials.