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Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Human Resources and Labor Relations: Purpose or Scope of Collection

Date Drafted: July 1996 (NBY) Revised: October 2004 (NBY), November 2007 (LL)

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Purpose

The purpose of this collection is to support the research and curricular needs of faculty and students enrolled in or affiliated with the Michigan State University School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SLIR) as well as the many other departments interested in the employment relationship or the workplace. The collection also serves practitioners representing both management and labor, as well as the community at large.

B. Scope

Call numbers covering the majority of the LR/HR subjects include:

HD 30.3, 50, 58.7-.9, 62, 66 -- scattered areas of management concerned with human resources, organizations and organizational behavior

HD 4801-7269, 7790-8085 -- labor, general and U.S. (not HD 7285-7780.8 -- housing rather than labor)

HD 8101-8943 -- labor, non-U.S.

HF 5548.7-5549.5 -- personnel management/human resources

K 1701-1841 -- labor law (comparative law and international uniform law)

K 2390-2405 -- negotiated settlement and arbitration

KF 3301-3580 -- labor law (U.S. federal law)

KD-KE, KG-KW -- scattered areas of labor law in other countries