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Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Human Resources and Labor Relations: Analysis of the Subject Field

Date Drafted: July 1996 (NBY) Revised: October 2004 (NBY), November 2007 (LL)

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject

Because the curriculum is directed toward developing and supporting current professionals in the specialized fields of human resources and labor relations, collection emphasis has been and remains on current materials. However, historical materials are also selected, with an emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

B. Languages of Resources Collected

English is the primary language for the collection. Materials in other languages are only selectively purchased.

C. Geography of the Subject

United States coverage is primary, however, other English-speaking and/or developed countries are also covered. More emphasis is currently being placed on collecting international material from emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China, for example) as well as the comparative treatment of LHR subjects.

D. Types of Materials and Formats

All appropriate formats, including print, electronic and video recordings, are collected.

E. Date of Publication Resources Collected

With the exception of essential historical works, important classics or reprints as needed, only materials published within the immediate past five years should be collected.

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