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Collection Development Policy Statement: Psychology

Written by: Katherine Corby Date Drafted: May 1993 Date Revised: November 1998, March 1999, October 2005, February 2007

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic needs

The psychology collection serves the curricular and research needs of the faculty and students in psychology, psychiatry, education and other related disciplines. The Department of Psychology is affiliated with the Colleges of Social Sciences, Human Medicine, and Education. Most courses are provided to students in the colleges mentioned. The graduate program in Psychology emphasizes a Doctor of Philosophy degree, no terminal Master degree is offered, although the College of Education offers a Master of Arts in Counseling. The Psychology Department offers graduate students an opportunity to work in an interest group most closely aligned with their major interest. The focus groups include: Brain, Behavior & Cognition; Ecological-Community; Industrial/Organizational; Developmental Psychology; Clinical Psychology; and Social/Personality. Psychology also offers a rich variety of interdepartmental possibilities in cognitive science, neuroscience, urban studies, infant studies, and applied developmental science. There are few MSU departments that do not have some cooperative interaction with the Department of Psychology.

B. History of the Collection/Existing strengths and emphases.

Like so many programs at MSU, the Psychology Department can trace its roots back to the school's agricultural origins, when young men were trained in "mental philosophy." Offerings in the social sciences and humanities began to multiply in the 1920's, but it was not until the 40's that the Department of Psychology was separated from that of Philosophy. This practical background continues to influence offerings today, with industrial and organizational psychology, and the neuroscience, brain/behavior focus that is typified by the centrality of the Eyelab within the research focus of the department.

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