Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: American History

Collection Management Issues

A. Replacement:

If a replacement of a lost, stolen, damaged, or deteriorating copy is easily obtainable (either in-print or through out-of-print dealers), then it will be obtained.

B. Deselection Criteria:

1. Physical condition--When the material has shown unrepairable deterioration, the piece(s) will be withdrawn if replacement copies can be obtained. When replacement copies are not available, the bibliographer and the Humanities Coordinator will review the item(s). Replacement of deteriorating serials with microform or online formats is an on-going effort.

2. Dated material--When the material has become outdated and newer editions substantively replace and update the material, the dated material should be withdrawn. Careful consideration should accompany this decision.

C. Out of print acquisition:

Given our existing strengths, such sources will be used on a minimal basis.

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