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Collection Development Policy Statement: Military and Naval Sciences

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the subject: emphases/restrictions:

Works on modern (post-1789) warfare and military institutions, with emphasis on the United States, and major global entities. Current information about the armed forces of all world nations is another goal, at a basic level, while relying on English-language works.

B. Languages of resources collected: exclusions/emphases/translations:

Primarily English-language works, or selectively in the vernacular for works about the armed forces of foreign countries, or classic writing (e.g., Clausewitz, Delbruck).

C. Geography of the subject: emphases/restrictions:

The goal is basic coverage world wide, but with a greater emphasis on developments in the United States, and someattention to global rivals of the United States. 

D. Format of the resources collected:

  1. Included are monographs; serials including selected popular magazines and annuals; selected reference works, festschriften, internet resources, microforms, and government publications.
  2. Excluded are ephemera, manuscripts, sound recordings, yearbooks of units/non-combat deployments & cruises, pamphlets, and training manuals.

E. Date of publication of resources collected:

The collection should offer information about emerging trends and issues, and recent reports on relevant matters. Works on historical topics from antiquity to the present are appropriate.  

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