Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Military and Naval Sciences

Analysis of the Subject Field

Chronology of the subject: emphases/restrictions

Works on modern (post-1789) warfare and military institutions, with emphasis on the United States, and major global entities. Current information about the armed forces of all world nations is another goal, at a basic level, while relying on English-language works.

Languages of resources collected: exclusions/emphases/translations

Primarily English-language works, or selectively in the vernacular for works about the armed forces of foreign countries, or classic writing (e.g., Clausewitz, Delbruck).

Geography of the subject: emphases/restrictions

The goal is basic coverage world wide, but with a greater emphasis on developments in the United States, and some attention to global rivals of the United States. 

Format of the resources collected

Included are monographs; serials including selected popular magazines and annuals; selected reference works, festschriften, internet resources, microforms, and government publications.

Excluded are ephemera, manuscripts, sound recordings, yearbooks of units/non-combat deployments & cruises, pamphlets, and training manuals.

Date of publication of resources collected

The collection should offer information about emerging trends and issues, and recent reports on relevant matters. Works on historical topics from antiquity to the present are appropriate.