Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Military and Naval Sciences

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Call # Ranges Subject MSU Level RLG
U Military science (General) B 2
U263-264 Nuclear warfare C 3
UA1-19 Armies B 2
UA20-585 U.S. Army C 3
UA600-997 Armies of other nations B 2
UB Military Administration B 2
UC Maintenance/Transport B 2
UD Infantry B 2
UE Cavalry B 2
UF Artillery A 1
UG1-620 Military Engineering A 1
UG622-1530 Air Forces, etc., C 3
UH Other Services A 1
V Naval Science B 2
VA Navies B 2
VA49-395 U.S. Navy C 3
VB Naval Administration A 1
VC " Maintenance B 2
VD " Seamen B 2
VE Marines except: B 2
VE23-25 US Marine Corps C 3
VF Naval Ordnance B 2
VG Minor Naval Services B 2
VK Navigation. Merc. Marine B 2
VM Naval Architecture., etc. B 2
Z6720-6726 Military bibliography C 3
Z6836-6839 Naval bibliography C 3
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