Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Music Scores and Recordings

Levels of Collecting Intensity

Recordings are not classified according to Library of Congress but rather by a number based on the publishers number (prior to 2008) or on an accession number.  General collection levels will be maintained at 3 for standard classical and jazz repertoire, and at a 2 level for ethnomusicology, film music and similar genres. Current popular music will be collected only if requested.  Films (DVDs) will be collected for major works, for conductors, performers but not as ephemera.

Call no. range Subject Level Comments
M1 Collections of miscellaneous works, 2 or more composers 3a  
M2 Collected works of historical, genre, geographic origin.etc. 3b Vital for research.
M3-3.1 Collected works of individual composers. 3b Vital for research.
M5 Miscellaneous collections, 2 or more composers, for varying combinations of instruments. 2 Prefer to buy individually when possible.
M6-19 Organ music 3 Organ program no longer exists but existing collection, with occasional additions, is used by area musicians
M20-39 Piano music 3b One of largest COM majors; heavily used
M40-175 Music for individual solo instruments 3b Collect solo music for all instruments
M176 Motion picture,radio,TV music 0 Occasional purchase; often under other instruments or ensembles
M177-179 Collections for 2 or more miscellaneous solo instruments 3a See also M200-900
M180-195 Duets for two organs,harmonium 1  
M198-216 Multiple players and/or pianos 3  
M217-285 Piano and one other instrument 3b All chamber music with score and parts as available (M200-M999)
M286-298 Duets without piano 3b  
M300-986 Chamber ensembles; trios to nonets 3 Trios, quartets, quintets at 3B; larger ensembles 3A
M990 Chamber music, early instruments 2  
M1000-1075 Orchestra music, all forms, including concertos for solo instrument with orchestra 3b For concertos, purchase full score and piano reductions if available (ex. M1010 full score piano concerto; M1011 piano solo and piano reduction
M1100-1160 String orchestra music 3a  
M1200-1270 Band music 3a  
M1350-1366 Reduced orchestra, dance orchestra, jazz 2  
M1375-1420 Instrumental music for children 1  
M1450 Dance music 1  
M1480-1480 Electronic, aleatory,chance 2  
M1490 Music printed before 1700 1 Cannot afford originals
M1495-1497 Collections of vocal music, sacred and secular, 2 or more composers 2 Prefer separate editions
M1500-1526 Operas, musicals, incidental music, ballets 3b  
M1528-1529 Duets, trios, etc. for solo voices    3a  
M1530-1546 Choruses with orchestra or other ensemble 3b  
M1547-1610 Choruses with keyboard, other solo instrument or unison 3a  
M1611-1626 Songs, solo cantatas  3a  
M1627 National music, international 2  
M1628-1677 National music, US 2 Includes popular music (M1630.18) at 3a
M1678-1853 National music, other regions, continents 2  
M1900-1998 Songs of special character, children's songs, games 1  
M1999 Sacred vocal music, 2 or more composers, various forms 3a  
M2000-2007 Oratorios 3b Full and vocal scores when possible
M2010-2017 Services (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican, etc.) including Masses, Requiems, Vespers, etc. 3b Full and vocal scores
M2028-2019 Sacred duets, trios, etc., solo voices 3a  
M2020-2036 Sacred chorus, accompanied (Cantatas, choruses, etc.) 3b  
M2060-2101 Sacred choruses, partsongs, keyboard, unison or unacc. (Choruses, anthems, motets, special texts, etc.) 3a  
M2002-2114 Sacred songs, solo cantatas 3a  
M2115j-2146 Hymnals (combining words and music) 2  
M2147-2160 Liturgy & ritual (prescribed service music for RC, Orthodox, etc.) 2  
M2161-2184 Liturgy & ritual (Protestant) 2  
M2186-2184 Liturgy & ritual, Jewish, other non-Christian    
M2190-2196 Sacred vocal music for children 1  
M2198-2199 Gospel, revival, temperance 1 Special Collections has strong holdings
M5000 Unidentified compositions 0  
MT170-810 Orchestral studies, exercises, technical materials for all instruments 3a 3b for standard orchestral instruments; 3a for harp, guitar, etc.
MT820-893 Vocal techniques 3b  
MT898-948 Techniques for children 2