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Collection Development Policy Statement: Music Literature

Analysis of the Subject Field

  • A. Chronology/Restrictions

    Maintain general-level collection for music literature prior to 12th Century.

    Maintain/increase music coverage from 12th Century to present.

    Collect material on folk cultures, especially Latin America.

    Popular music literature will be collected on a general level.

    Jazz literature (historic or scholarly titles) will be collected at high level, including almost everything published in English but excluding "fanzines" and similar material

  • B. Language

    No restrictions.

    Music literature pertaining to popular culture and jazz will be collected primarily in English; books on American jazz/culture in other languages will generally not be collected.

    Theory treatises should be collected in original language with English translation if possible.

  • C. Geography

    No restrictions.

    In keeping with strengths and emphases of existing collection and curricular needs, main emphasis will continue to be on North America and Europe for classical traditions.

    Increase folk/ethnomusicology collections, especially for the Americas.

    Increase material on composed music of other cultures.

  • D. Format

    No restrictions.

    Prefer paper when possible; add electronic resources particularly for reference but generally not in place of printed books and journals.

    Microforms may be added very selectively.

    Cooperative or consortial collection agreements, particularly for electronic resources, should be considered whenever possible.

          Excluded: Fanzines, slick popular culture material.

  • E. Date of publication

    No restrictions.

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