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British Studies: the 18th Century, a Guide to Topics in the MSU Libraries' Collections: CONCLUSION

This is a guide to 18th-century British studies materials, particularly in our Special Collections and Rare Books unit.


In summary, the British 18th-Century Studies Collection is a useful one, especially for a land-grant university. It contains works reflecting both the land-grant tradition and those of the well-educated gentle person of the 18th century. To make identification of materials for study easier for researchers, here are a few tips, in closing. First, in using the online catalog, scope the search at the outset to search only Murray and Hong Special Collections' holdings, if you know you want to use "old books." Second, within the Murray and Hong Special Collections' scope, searches may limited be to publications whose imprint dates are in within a particular range of years. To search the long 18th century enter 1660-1815. Third, remember that M.S.U. Libraries has a great many microform works which will not show up in an online catalog search of Murray and Hong Special Collections' holdings alone. The microforms with item-level entries in the online catalog are reflected in the foregoing discussion. Fourth, some of the microform sets do not have item-level entries in the online catalog at all. Read Eighteenth Century English Microform Holdings to learn about the microform sets without item-level access and how to use them productively. Fifth, remember the standard sub-heading "early works to 1800." Look for this when searching topics in the online catalog. Sixth, this standard sub-heading is by no means applied comprehensively. Seventh, primary sources may also be found amid the M.S.U. Libraries' electronic resources. Eighth, consider seeking out and speaking with Tad Boehmer, rare book cataloger/curator in Murray and Hong Special Collections, or Agnes Haigh Widder, Humanities Bibliographer if you would like assistance with the materials described in this guide.

This guide has been prepared by Agnes Haigh Widder, Humanities Bibliographer, 2003.

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