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Finding British Parliamentary Papers in the M.S.U. Libraries, 2007 edition: Parliamentary Journals--Full -Texts and Indexing

This is a guide to doing research with British government documents, particularly Parliamentary documents, emphasizing electronic access and information. Last updated 06-05-2023

Parliamentary Journals--Full -Texts and Indexing

Parliamentary journals are the written record of the activities. Prior to the 19th century the Commons journals also contained copies of many committee reports not included in the Sessional Papers (discussed in previous sections of this guide).

British History Online Parliamentary History offers online versions of House of Lords Journals (1509-1717, 1832-34) and House of Commons Journals (1547-1699; 1830)as well as other Parliamentary primary sources.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Journals 1547-1900 Microprint #9 2nd floor west wing

Has indexing on the microcards at the end of each Parliamentary Session since 1900. This works if you know the session date. If you do not have a session date, but need a topical index, use Select List of Reports and Other Papers in the Journals of the House of Commons, 1688-1800 J 301 .M3 1976 Main. This index covers government, finance, agriculture and food supply, trade, transportation, social welfare and problems, education, cultural institutions, and legal administrative topics, but not foreign affairs. Also has an index of persons presenting papers to the House.

 Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Reports from Committees of the House of Commons, 1715-1801, Printed but Not Inserted in the Journals of the House 1803-1806. Microfilm #14700 Remote Storage.  The link here goes to the catalog record.  From here you can click "Get This" to have it brought to the Main Library to use on the microform readers in Hollander Make Central 2 West. 

 Use the General Index, J 301 f.A22 1715 Main and Microcopy Guides, 2nd floor west with this 10-roll set of microfilm.

 Journal of the House of Commons, a Bibliographical and Historical Guide. JN 673 .M4 Remote Storage B

 A Complete Collection of the Protests of the Lords, with Historical Introductions. (Covers 1624-1874) JN 623 1875 .A5  v. 1-3 Remote Storage

 Calendar of the Journals of the House of Lords, from the Beginning of the Reign of King Henry VIII to 30th August 1642 and from the Restoration in 1660 to 21st January 1808. DA 25 .C1 1810 Murray and Hong Special Collections.